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Fall 2020 Course Information

o MATH 101-AD1/WA1

o MATH 251-AD2/WA2


o All my courses are online

o  Info for all my courses  (on right)



o  Resources and References

o  Half Million Macs Infected

o  Effects of Video Games

o  Cyber-Challenge: 10,000 Jobs

o  Careers in Computer Graphics

o  Triumph of the Gamer

o  Images of our sun

o  Schooling Game Programmers

o  Programming Grads + Skills Gap

o  IT Skill Shortages - Wage Increases

o  CS Still a Good Career

o  Game Control Using Your Mind

o  US Labor Statistics CS Job Outlook

o  Offshoring of CS Jobs (NY Times)

o  A Truism !

o  Jobs' Commencement Address

o  Women in Computer Science

o  Is Correct Spelling Important?

o  Does Not Compute

o  Computer Glitch

o  Typical Home Computer ( !! )

o  Images that should...



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Updated: Aug. 16, 2020 - 1800