CSCI 211 - Programming Language Concepts is the first required course in the Computer Science Major. Normally it is taken by freshmen students in their second semester at SNC. This course introduces many of the fundamental concepts of Computer Science and object-oriented design and programming, and it introduces students to the Java programming language. The course has no prerequisites and it assumes that students have no prior background in Computer Science or programming. As part of requirements for the course, and in support of the SNC Writing Across the Curriculum program all CSCI 211 students are required to do one assignment concentrating solely on developing their writing skills. Here are the stories our CSCI 211 students have written since 2002 when CSCI 211 was first offered.

  The CSCI 211 Writing Assignment
  1. 60KB.pdf
  2. A Better Place to Live.pdf
  3. A Journal.pdf
  4. A Programmer's Wish.pdf
  5. Alphanumerica.pdf
  7. Bob, TAI & SAIRA.pdf
  8. Bowl Cut.pdf
  9. Breaking Down the Gates.pdf
10. Computer Noir.pdf
11. Continuum.pdf
12. Development of the Mind.pdf
13. Flagpole Hanging.pdf
14. Fry's Electronics.pdf
15. Grandma's Basement.pdf
16. Hat of a Different Color.pdf
17. In the City of Clive.pdf
18. Java GetThatMoney.pdf
19. Jenny the Programmer.pdf
20. KIT.pdf
21. Man With The Dark Side.pdf
22. Manny's Dream House.pdf
23. Mr. Cox.pdf
24. My Search for the Giant Squid.pdf
25. Mysterious Programmer.pdf
26. Neo Maddox.pdf
27. Nibbles.pdf
28. Operation Alice.pdf
29. Reborn.pdf
30. Shaving Points.pdf
31. Strange Story.pdf
32. That Charity.pdf
33. The Connection.pdf
34. The Construct.pdf
35. The Day Microsoft Died.pdf
36. The Day War with No Man.pdf
37. The Ghost On The Line.pdf
38. The Life in the Computer Company.pdf
39. The Little Hacker that Could(n't).pdf
40. The TimeWeb.pdf
41. Time Travel to Save Life.pdf
42. 8Virus Detection.pdf
43. What a Time to Forget.pdf
44. Xavier.pdf