ITEC5020 Application and Database Development


These items clarify, expand upon, supplement the material presented in the course.
In some cases, this material may override what is posted in the course.

1.0   ITEC5020 - Getting Started
1.1   Setting up Your Windows Environment
1.2   Download and Install NetBeans and MySQL
1.3   What to Submit and How to Submit
            Submitting Programming Assignments
1.4   Whirlwind Tours
1.5   Introduction to Programming, NetBeans, Java, JavaFX
            Introduction to Programming, NetBeans, Java, JavaFX Extended Table of Contents
2.0   Getting Help With Programming Problems
2.1   Writing Comments
2.2   Week 2 Deliverables
6.0   (Re)Setting Your MySQL Root Password
7.0   About Unit 7's Add Customer Functionality
10.0 Presentation Clarification

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