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Table of Contents

o Assembly Language and Machine Architecture

o C++ Resources and References

o eLearning, Distance Education

o Entrepreneurship

o Free Books on Java Programming

o Games and Game Playing


o Humor

o Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

o Java Book Reviews

o JavaScript

o Job Information

o LISP and Artificial Intelligence

o Math Resources

o Other Java Resources

o Other Resources and References

o Programming and Object Oriented Design / Development

o Sample Code

o Security Issues

o The Java Language and Environment

o UNIX/Linux Resources

o Virus Hoaxes and Scares

o Viruses

o Weather

o Windows Utilities


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o The Java Language and Environment

Java/C++ Similarities and Differences – Excellent: Compares and contrasts Java with C++.

Download the JDK from Oracle – Download the JDK from the Oracle Java website.

LTCC Java & C++ Courses – Michael Steinore's Lake Tahoe Community College website.

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Java 1.4 through 1.5 – From the April 2002, JavaOne Conference, this summary tells about Sun's plans for moving Java from version 1.4 to 1.4.2 (Mantis) to version 1.5 (Tiger).

Java 1.5 (Tiger) – A description of some of the features new in Java 1.5. Great overview! – Lots of Java examples. – Lots of Java lessons and examples.

Roadmap for 1.4 through 1.5 – From the June 2003, Java One Conference, this article provides the most up–to–date information on Sun's plans for Java moving from version 1.4.2 to version 1.5.

Sun's Java "Examplets" – Code snippets that illustrate a particular task. They're designed to show which classes and members are involved in performing the task, and how the classes and members interact with each other. These examplets complement the complete programs in our ../ExamplesJ/ directory.

Sun's Java Tutorials – An excellent collection of self–study tutorials. Must be run from the web.

Top 10 Features of Java 2SE 1.4 – Written by David (Java in a Nutshell) Flanagan, this article describes his pick of the most recent Java's 10 best features.

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o Java Coding Style / Coding Conventions

'98 Coding Style (PDF) – A slightly older, more elaborate discussion.

'99 Coding Style (HTML) – Sun's most recent suggestions (HTML format).

'99 Coding Style (PDF) – Sun's most recent suggestions (PDF format).

Draft Java Coding Standard – Doug Lea's take on coding in Java (Excellent).

How to Write Doc Comments for Javadoc – Sun's official recommendations regarding how to document Java code.

Java Programming Style Guidelines – A relatively current (Aug. 2000) comprehensive set of guidelines from "Geosoft" – a Norwegian company doing Java development.

Jacobe – A free Java Code Beautifier (reformatter). It's very, very good.

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o Java Book Reviews

JavaRanch – Go to the "Bunkhouse" for numerous reviews of Java textbooks and references. – This Addison–Wesley Longman site became active in June, 2001. It's running a bit late… It should have a collection of information of interest, both to students and instructors. The emphasis will be on Introduction to Programming using Java.

RavenMatrix – A good collection of book reviews.

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o Free Books on Java Programming

Data Structures & Algorithms – Bruno Preiss' text using Java and Design Patterns.

eBooks – Over 100 free eBooks; many on Java.

Free Books – A very large collection of free/online books.

Free Electronic Books – Bruce Eckel's collection of free books in electronic form for Java, C++, C#, Design Patterns, etc.

IBM DeveloperWorks Tutorial – A downloadable ZIP file containing a tutorial (in PDF format) for C++ programmers who want to learn to program in Java.

Introduction to Programming Using Java – Book by David J Eck.

Java 2 For Beginners – Preliminary draft of a book by James W Cooper.

JavaFAQ's Collection – A large collection of information on Java, including books.

Learn Java – A large collection of free books, articles, examples, tutorials designed to help you learn Java on your own. – A large collection of free online books on Java.

Sun's Java Tutorials – An excellent collection of self–study tutorials. Must be run from the web.

Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition – Excellent text by Bruce Eckel.

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o Other Java Resources

Execution Traces – Practice tracing executions ("practice 'playing computer' ").

Gagnon's HowTo – A good compendium of code snippets in Java and JavaScript.

Marco Schmidt's Site – An excellent repository for Java related software, documentation, and more.

Java Error Messages – Look here to find out what a Java syntax error means.

Java and Internet Glossary – A large collection of technical terms that will help explain Java and the Internet.

Java Shareware – Lots of Java resources.

Java FAQ – A good "Frequently Asked Questions" collection about Java.

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Java Programming Resources – Comprehensive compendium of resources for the Java programmer.

JavaRanch – "a friendly place for Java greenhorns" – Numerous resources for the Java programmer, presented with a bit of humor and a distinct Western orientation. – A good collection of free resources, tutorials, texts, code, and more.

Java Server Pages – The "JSP Insider" is a good source for information about Java Server Pages.

JavaWorld – A good collection of pointers to lots of information about Java. Click on the "Java Q&A Index" for a good collection of FAQ–type information. Click on the "Java Tips Index" for a collection of code examples.

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Links to many Java IDEs – JavaLobby provides lots of information about Java and has a good collection of links to IDEs.

List of Java Programming Resources – A good list of programming resources for the Java programming, by "Anonymous."

Porting C++ to Java – Mark Davis, from Taligent (IBM), has prepared this good summary showing how C++ code may be ported to Java with reasonable fidelity and not too much effort.

Robert Baldwin's Java Links – An excellent collection of links on all things Java.

Supplemental Programming Problems – For extra practice, try solving these programming problems. These problems are appropriate for solution using Java, C++, Assembler and most other languages given the skill–level of beginning and intermediate Computer Science students.

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Free Animated GIFs – Collection of free animated .gif files.

Free Layouts – Thousands of free layouts for use in creating web pages.

HTML Cheat Sheet – A very good “cheat sheet” for HTML.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet – An excellent summary of current HTML5 tags.

HTML5 Mega Cheat Sheet – Another excellent summary of current HTML5 tags.

CSS Mega Cheat Sheet – An excellent summary of current CSS commands.

HTML Editors – A freeware editor, and a list of similar free HTML editors.

HTML for Beginners – A great beginner’s guide to HTML.

HTML for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide – Another great beginner’s guide to HTML.

HTML Goodies – A very good collection of HTML–related links and examples, tutorials and much more.

HTML Tutorial (for Beginners) – Yet another great tutorial on HTML.

HTML Tutorials and Training from CertStaff – HTML Tutorials & Training Resources.

More "How To" HTML – More on how to write HTML.

Pierre Thiry's Resources – This is an excellent collection of resources on JavaScript, HTML, XML, and all things Internet.

Web Safe Colors – A good selection of colors for use as backgrounds or foregrounds.

Website Setup – A good tutorial on how to set up a website.

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o Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Internet Service Providers – Selected Dial-Up and Broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Sierra Nevada College area.

The List – An exhaustive list of ISP's.

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o JavaScript

Cool Clock – One of the best JavaScript animations I've seen.

Gagnon's HowTo – A good compendium of code snippets in Java and JavaScript. – One of the very best collections of free JavaScripts.

(Also, see Other Java Resources…)

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o LISP and Artificial Intelligence

LISP Tutorials and References – A collection of tutorials, books (some online) and references on LISP and artificial intelligence.

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o Security Issues

Public Terminal Danger – A fascination true story about the danger of using public terminals such as those at Kinko's. – A site dedicated to various security issues.

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o C++ Resources and References

C++ Style Guide #1 – SFSU Style Guide: these conventions are very close to the one we will use.

C++ Style Guide #2 – SFSU CSc 210 Style Guide: these conventions are very close to the one we will use.

C/C++ Resources – Lots more C and C++ resources from

ctype.h, string.h, iostream.h – A short description of ctype.h, string.h, iostream.h.

Execution Traces – Practice tracing executions ("practice 'playing computer' ").

SDL – The Simple DirectMedia Layer library for C++ developers building graphics programs, like games.

Supplemental Problems – For extra practice, try solving these programming problems.

Visual C++ – How to get and install a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual C++.

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o Job Information – A free service of the Wall Street Journal Online.

Craig's List – One of the very best Bay Area sources for jobs and much, much more.

CS Job Outlook  – US Labor Statistics – An article describing the US Dept. of Labor Statistics' analysis.

DICE – One of the best–known sources for high–tech jobs nationwide. Both full–time and part–time.

HigherEd Jobs – Excellent site for job–seekers in higher education.

INROADS – A national career program specializing in opportunities for minorities…

Jobs2Careers – A job search engine featuring jobs from most major search engines.

Offshoring CS Jobs – An article about the significance of offshoring CS Jobs.

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Salary? – Given your experience, knowledge and background – want to find out "what you're worth?" Click here...

Science & Technology Career Page – An excellent collection of links to resources for finding a position in Environmental Science, Health and Biotechnology.

Skills 2000 – One of Microsoft's educational– and career–related programs.

Technology Job Outlook – Article reporting about technology in general, and for women in particular.

The Tech Job Market – Recent article about the strongest technology job market in years.

US Office of Personnel Management – Job openings in Information Technology available (for free) through the US OPM.

Vocational Information Center – An excellent collection of links to career information in a wide variety of fields.

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o Programming and Object Oriented Design / Development

A Beginner's Guide to Programming Languages – Short descriptions of commonly used programming languages.

A History of Computer Programming Languages – Historical information regarding when specific languages were developed and why.

Object–Oriented System Development – This online book by Champeaux, Lea, and Faure goes into great detail.

Practice Your Programming – Practice your programming skills in over 30 different programming languages.

Programming Fun! - The Many Languages of Computers – A summary/description of many of the more popular current programming languages

Programming Tips – J. Adrian Zimmer's collection of tips applies to most languages.

ProfSR – A collection of free tutorials on programming and various aspects of IT (information technology).

Recursion – A short tutorial on recursion and the design of recursive algorithms.

Software Programming and Coding Glossary for Kids – A glossary of programming terms.

Virginia Tech Tutorials – A collection of online, animated tutorials dealing with various aspects of Computer Science including: algorithms, artificial intelligence, data structures, machine architecture, number systems, operating systems, programming languages, and software engineering.

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o Viruses

BitDefender – A site with freeware virus and worm eradicators.

HouseCall – A free Internet–based virus checker.

Latest VIRUS Information from CERT – The latest up-to-date, hot-off-the-press information on computer viruses is always available on this official site.

Sophos – Excellent collection of virus information, especially relating to virus hoaxes.

Ten Steps to Virus Safety – Ten hints to help you stay virus safe.

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o Virus Hoaxes and Scares

McAfee's Virus Hoax Page – McAfee's summary of current virus-like hoaxes and scares.

Sophos' Hoaxes and Scares Page – Sophos' summary of current virus-like hoaxes and scares.

Symantec Virus Hoax Page – Symantec's summary of current virus-like hoaxes and scares.

Urban Legends – A collection of current urban legends, Internet hoaxes and viruses.

Urban Legends Reference Page – The "low down" on many (most?) of the current urban legends running around.

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o Assembly Language and Machine Architecture

Decimal to Binary – Vanessa Else's excellent description of binary numbers and how to convert from binary to decimal and from decimal to binary.

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o Other Resources and References

ACM MemberNet – Association for Computing Machinery's open-to-the-public "MemberNet" portal – excellent info for computer professionals and soon-to-be professionals.  – Permanently store up to 50 GB of files, 100% free. Use for backup or temporary file storage.

Advice for Freshman, Transfer, and All Students – An excellent, light-hearted collection of tips for all students.

Astronomy Picture of the Day – From NASA, a huge collection of current and archival photographs of celestial objects.

Bargains – A collection of locations to look for hardware and software "bargains."

Beginner's Resources – Beginner’s Resources to Learn Programming Languages

Beloit College's 2003 Mindset – An article describing the "mindset" of the Class of 2007.

Bill Gates on "Longhorn" – A speech by Bill Gates on Windows "Longhorn."

Bug – The VERY FIRST "bug" in a computer. – CNET's large collection of references to "building tools." Includes "How To's," references and numerous resources.

Class Notes and Study Guides – Free class notes, study guides, and similar info for a wide variety of courses.

Clip Art & Free Images – Try these free images on your webpages…

Clouds – Lots and lots of clouds, very pretty…

Computer Science Online – a wealth of information including educational resources, degrees, and career tracks

Converters and Viewers – From Microsoft, free converters and viewers for almost all MS Office applications.

Cosmic Evolution – A great site dealing with the origin of the Universe, from the Big Bang to the present day.

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Critical Thinking – A very good page containing lots of information and links about "critical thinking."

DAP – The Download Acceleration Processor – speed up your downloads by 200%-300%.

Databases for Science & Technology – "There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch" – excellent article with links to numerous freely accessible databases on Science & Technology

Daylight Saving Time – The history of "daylight saving time" – excellent!

Developer Fusion – A pretty good general resource for developers and novices alike.

Dictionary of Hi–Tech Terms – A pretty good resource.

Dictionary of Technical Terms – Another pretty good resource.

Dictionary? Thesaurus? – Here's a free online dictionary and thesaurus, as well a collection of other good links.

Discounts on Hardware, Software, etc. – is a good way to comparison shop for the very lowest prices.

Discover Magazine – An excellent online magazine touching on all aspects of technology.

DMOZ – An extremely large compendium of Web resources; great links on Computers; and an especially comprehensive section on Programming Languages.

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Don Knuth 's Home Page – Don Knuth, from Stanford University, is one of the most prolific authors of reference works in Computer Science. His Home Page contains numerous fascinating links.

Donnie Darko – Strange Avanti guarde site. – No longer active – See or

Earthlights – One of NASA's best photographs from space: the entire Earth at night.

Email Information – A short note regarding the (vast) amount of email in circulation.

EurekaAlert – The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) portal – excellent science information.

File Conversion – Free conversion from most common formats to most common formats, including PDF.

FilesAnywhere – Running out of files pace? You might try – an internet-based file storage facility.

Financing Your Education – This site lists several sources of funds to help you finance your education.

Flip – A program that allows you to convert from Windows –> UNIX –> Macintosh –> Windows file formats for flat ASCII files (like program source files). Flip is written in C – so you may have to compile it in your environment in order to use it. – A great source for freeware/shareware for numerous application areas.

Freeware – Arguably the best 46 free software utilities currently available; many categories.

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Grass–Fed Beef – This excellent article from the New York Times speaks about beef and the beef industry.

Hawaiian Deep – An excellent false–color map of the Hawaiian Islands, including sub–surface terrain.

Help for Computer Problems – is a good site for general information and help.

History of Programming Languages – A fair history (presented graphically) of the development of programming languages.

Hot Spots – Directory of WiFi Hotspots and Hotspot finder.

How to Share Information – In order to make communications among team members easier you should consider using one of these "instant messenger" products. Here's a comparison of the current 8 most popular instant messengers.

How Stuff Works – This is a great site dealing with the answers to questions about how things work.

Hubble Images – Some of the best Hubble Space Telescope images.

Hubble Site – Excellent images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hungarian Notation – Here's a Microsoft article that explains "Hungarian Notation" in great detail… It's a bit "over the wall" by today's standards, but well worth reading for the background and perspective that it provides.

Hungarian Notation – The Good, Bad, Ugly – This short article describes a few of the virtues, advantages, problems and drawbacks of using Hungarian Notation.

Identity Theft – How to protect yourself against identity theft. Five excellent suggestions.

Identity Theft – Excellent information.

IntelligentDesign – An alternative theory to ID, called FSM… Excellent presentation.

ISPs – Find an Internet Service Provider (including FREE ISPs!).

Justin Carder Black Photos – A superlative collection of photographs.

Languages – A short review of current programming languages: their names and what they are. Very sarcastically written. Read with "many grains of salt."

Library – Questia – an online library.

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Magnifeye – Excellent local information, including web cams, weather, CHP reports, airline arrivals/departures, and more.

Martini? – Over 6,700 recipes for martinis!

Math–in– – A group of computer scientists and mathematics professionals who promote stronger emphasis of mathematical reasoning in the Computer Science curriculum. – This portal provides free code and other resources in a variety of mathematics–related areas.

Movie Physics – This site is devoted to debunking the outrageous misuse of physics in movies – hearing sounds in space (where there's no air to transmit the sound), etc.

MVC Architecture – A short description of Model-View-Controller architecture.

NASA/JPL PhotoJournal – A superlative collection of images of space objects, planets, galaxies, etc.

New Element Discovered – Read about this latest discovery!

Object Oriented Programming – A short web-based tutorial on Object Oriented Programming.

Optimize Your Computer – PC Pitstop is pretty good; and, one version is FREE.

Passwords – A Simple Formula for Strong Passwords.

PC Computer Notes – A great resource for anyone trying to maintain his/her own computer – hardware and software.

Free Practice Tests – ACT, SAT, GRE, MCAD, and many others.

Presenter's University – A collection of free resources for presenters from InFocus.

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Price Comparisons – provides price comparisons among the discount book vendors; go up one level and compare prices of almost everything that's available on the Internet. Also provides reviews of products and shipping times.

Price Comparisons – provides price comparisons among 33 different book vendors.

PriceGrabber – More price comparisons; great prices

Programming and Computer Guides – A collection of resources about object-oriented stuff – Java, C++, and other languages.

pub – Snow's public download directory. – A large collection of free online books on Java. – An excellent encyclopedic reference to the Web and its resources.

San Jose Police – A good article from the NY Times about the problems the San Jose Police are experiencing with new technology.

Scenes from Nature – Cal's Gallery – waterfalls, sunsets, mountains and more…

Science Fair – Link to the Western Nevada Regional Science & Engineering Fair.

Screen Capture – How to capture a screen – Windows and Macintosh. – Send an arbitrarily large file to any email recipient, free.

Shortcuts for Internet Explorer – Keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer.

SimTel – Free downloads of "the best in freeware and shareware"

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SiteMeter – A free web page counter.

Software – Lots of free software from

Software – Arguably the best 46 free utilities; many categories.

Software Discounts – Academic Superstore – purchase software at a considerable discount.

Software Discounts – Creation Engine – purchase software at a considerable discount.

Software Discounts – – purchase software at a considerable discount.

Software Discounts – – purchase software at a considerable discount.

Software Discounts – – purchase software at a considerable discount.

Software Discounts – – purchase software at a considerable discount.

Software Downloads – Lots of free (and other) software ready to be downloaded from LockerGnome.

Software & Hardware Discounts –,, – purchase both software and hardware at a considerable discount.

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Space Elevator – An article from Discover Magazine about construction of a space elevator, from Earth to space.

Spaghetti Code – The "Pasta" theory of programming. A short, good read.

StarDock – Source for many interesting applications, including "Multiplicity."

Terminology – A neat site that provides good definitions of technical terms and terminology.

Test Preparation – The University of California provides free preparation materials for tests such as the SAT and ACT.

The Straight Dope – Information about practically everything technical.

Tips on Learning – Trouble learning rapidly? Learning well? Read this article.

Top 500 Supercomputers – Here's a list of the top supercomputers in the world.

back to top – Send files up to 1 GB to anyone, anywhere, free of charge.

Translation Service – Free translation between many languages.

Translation Service – Many Languages – Free translation among many languages.

Tutorials on C and C++ – – a good source.

Tutorials on MS Office – Tutorials on Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, FrontPage.

Viewers and Converters – From Microsoft, viewers and converters for almost all members of the MS Office suite.

Virtual Guide Books – Don Bain's collection of virtual guide books for the western United States and Canada.

W3 Consortium – The official website for the W3 (World Wide Web) Consortium.

Weather – NOAA and National Weather Service weather imagery, warnings, predictions, etc. Probably the best weather information on the Internet.

Web Developer's Virtual Library – "An encyclopedia of web design tutorials, articles, and discussions." A good general development portal.

Webopedia – An web encyclopedia of technology and computer terms.

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WebReference – A good portal for builders of web pages and web sites.

What Killed Mozart? – A discussion regarding the circumstances and possible causes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's premature death.

Where the Girls Aren't – Good article addressing the issue of too few women in the Computer Science profession.

Why2K... – A good article about the Y2K problem.

WiFi Hot Spots – Directory of WiFi Hotspots and Hotspot finder.

Windows Tips & Info – Learn to use Windows "like a pro." – Eye candy – an excellent site. – This company has a low-cost suite of products designed to help making web pages more interesting – DHTML, 3D effects, buttons, fonts and much more.

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o Entrepreneurship

NSBDC – The Nevada Small Business Development Center, an organization funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the University of Nevada, Reno.

Sierra Angels – The Sierra Angels is the premier angel investment group in the Northern Sierra region.

TechAlliance – The principle website for TechAlliance, northern Nevada's premier association of companies and individuals interested in furthering the development of technology.

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o Games and Game Playing

Mind Control of Games – A look towards the future: Available NOW.

TransGaming – A site for both developers and players.

Twenty Questions – A fine site for playing 20 Questions, Hangman, and a few other word games.

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o Humor

Abbot & Costello in the 21st Century – A wonderful piece!

Abort, Retry, Ignore 1? ARI2 ARI3 ARI4 – Five wonderful versions of Edgar Allen Poe's poem, The Raven.

ACLU Pizza – Very good spoof on ordering pizza in the near future… Shockwave presentation.

Age and Treachery – A great parable.

Apologies to AT&T – A fine transcript of a dinnertime event.

Army Humor – Some chuckles appreciated most by U.S. Army types.

Computer Humor – A good read.

Darwin Awards – The Darwin awards those who best deserve to remove themselves from the human gene pool.

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Dear Diary – About living in Incline Village. Don't read this if you're offending by cursing and other #@#!! Words.

Dear Tech Support – An exchange between a needy client and Tech Support.

Deep Thoughts – An excellent collection of one-line observations.

Dumb Puns – If you like dumb puns, this one's for you.

Educators Beware! – A very topical passage.

End of the Raven – Another excellent version of Edgar Allen Poe's poem, The Raven, written by his cat.

Enjoy Language – For those of you who enjoy language, and English in particular

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ESP Test – Take this test… –grin–

Excuse Generator – A technical excuse generator: one–liners…

Fifteen Things – Fifteen things that it took me over 30 years to learn

Fifties – Do you remember the 1950's?

Frustration – How to frustrate someone

Fun Tips for Professors – 50 Fun Tips for Professors to Do at the Beginning of Class.

Generalized Logic – Mathematical proof humor.

GMC Computer – What cars would be like if they were designed by Microsoft.

Hm.m..m – A collection of images that should make you go "Hm.m..m…"

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Is Correct Spelling Important – Perhaps not. Read this…

JibJab – Political and other topical humor.

Maintaining Your Insanity – Two lists of important things to do in order to maintain your insanity.

Maxims for Today – Truisms for every programmer.

Mind of Steven Wright – A fine collection of one-liners.

New Sony Movie – Just download this file and double-click it to view this fascinating movie.

New Virus Detected – No known cure for this one!

New Words – From the Washington Post's Mensa contest, here are a collection of new words for your vocabulary.

Obituary – Common Sense – An obituary for "Mr. Common Sense."

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One–Liners – A collection of technically oriented one-liners.

Points–in–Case – A compendium of sophomoric humor… plus pointers to lots of free stuff.

Phenomenal Power – The "phenomenal power of the human mind" – a "must read!"

Pretty Good Jokes – From Nation Public Radio's "A Prairie Home Companion."

Programmers' Replies – A "must read" for every programmer.

"Real" Programmers, et al – A good chuckle!

Rec.Humor Collection – A collection of Computer and Math jokes.

Recent Computer Advancements – A collection of fine images about computer advancements and more.

Serial Killer vs. Programmer – Take this quiz to see if you can tell the difference between serial killers and programmers.

Shooting Yourself in the Foot – This is about the various programming languages that have been developed.

SoftwareProject – The evolution of many software development projects.

Solving the Y2K Problem – A masterful inexpensive solution.

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Thanksgiving Poem – Cute…

Thanksgiving Story – Also very cute…

The English Language – English is essentially impossible…

This Should Help Explain It All – Why we are running short of oil and gas.

Typical Home Computer in 2004 – As predicted in 1954 by scientists at RAND Corporation.

Unmaintainable Code – From Roedy Green, this is just excellent!

Valley of the Geeks – Current topical programmer-type humor site.

Why English is Hard to Learn – It is truly astonishing that ANYONE is able to learn English!

Which Language? – How to tell which programming language you are using.

Why Computers Sometimes Crash – A Dr. Seuss–style work telling why computers sometimes crash.

Why English Teachers Die Young – A wonderful collection of analogies and metaphors.

Why Students Fail – Lack of time, of course…

Winter – A good description of the season…

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o Windows Utilities

The DLL Archive – A free compendium of Windows DLLs – download what you're missing.

The DLL Archive – Another free compendium of Windows DLLs – download what you're missing.

Edit+ – This inexpensive general–purpose editor comes highly recommended. It supports Java, C++, VB, HTML, and more.

HyperTerminal Private Edition – A free replacement for Windows' HyperTerminal (lots of extra features!).

IZArc – A freeware alternative for decompressing RAR and ZIP files as well as many other file formats; creates ZIP files.

PowerPoint Viewer (MS) – The official Microsoft download point. Search for a "PowerPoint Viewer" for your version of Windows (or your operating system).

TackTech – An excellent technical resource about all things Windows. E.g., how to create a bootable CDROM.

WinRAR – A critical utility for use in transmitting files and creating backups. Many folks prefer WinRAR to WinZip.

WinZip – A critical utility for use in installing software, transmitting files, creating backups. A "must have" in order to install the SNC Java environment.

WS_FTP – FTP Utility – Use this utility to upload applets and HTML pages from your PC to a website on the Internet.

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o UNIX/Linux Resources

UNIX in general – Great summary of the most useful things you need to know about UNIX.

Linux Central – The /root for Linux resources, distributions, etc. – a very comprehensive site for all things Linux.

Linux Tutorials – Three Linux tutorials, designed for the beginner.

More about UNIX – Some additional useful information about UNIX.

Reference Manual – The One Page Linux Reference Manual; dated, but good.

SSH at UI – University of Illinois' SSH site – good information about Secure Shells.

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SSHWinClient – Master FTP site for SSHWinClient – one of the best Secure Shells available.

UnixHELP – a great source for help about using UNIX.

Unix Tutorial – Good tutorial from the Idaho State University.

Using FTP – How to run FTP (File Transfer Protocol) under UNIX.

Using HyperTerminal – How to transfer files to/from your UNIX/Internet website using HyperTerminal.

Using the Pine and Pico editors – Short description telling how to use the UNIX Pine and Pico editors.

Using the 'vi' editor – Short description telling how to use the UNIX vi editor.

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o Math Resources

Divisibility Rules – These rules allow you to calculate quite quickly, without pen and paper, whether one number is evenly divisible by another.

MathDL – The MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Digital Library – Lots of math-related goodies.

MathWorld – LOTS of resources in numerous fields of mathematics

– Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Mean

Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden Section and the Golden String – Comprehensive summary about all things Fibonacci; over 200 pages of material.

Fibonacci Sequence Around the World – Fibonacci Numbers in art and nature.

The Golden Age and the Golden Mean – Discussion of the Fibonacci numbers from the time of the Golden Age of Greece ~ 500 BC.

The Golden Mean – The Golden Section – This article shows how to find the value of the Golden Mean using only high–school algebra.

– Permutations and Combinations; Math Functions

Code Snippets – These code snippets, mostly in C, compute various mathematical functions including permutations, permutations of N things taken R at a time, the number of combinations of N things taken R at a time, random numbers, the digits of Pi, prime numbers, solutions to the N–Queens problem and much more.

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– Googol, Googolplex, Large Numbers

What is a googol? a googolplex? – The short story behind how "googol" and "googolplex" were created.

Very big numbers – A good description of big numbers – numbers far larger than a googol or a googolplex, what they are and how to represent them.

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o eLearning, Distance Education

Impact of Internet and eLearning – The impact of the Internet on Learning and Teaching.

Johnnie's Distance Learning Page – Compendium of most of the distance learning opportunities world–wide.

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o Sample Code

ExamplesA/ – MIPS Assembly Language Sample Code; Table of Contents

ExamplesC/ – C/C++ Sample Code; Table of Contents

ExamplesG/ – OpenGL C Sample Code; Table of Contents

ExamplesH/ – HTML Examples

ExamplesJ/ – Java Sample Code; Table of Contents

ExamplesL/ – Lisp Sample Code; Table of Contents

ExamplesV/ – Building Virtual Worlds (Alice) Sample Code; Table of Contents

ExamplesX/ – Compiler Construction Files; Table of Contents

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o Weather

Incline Village Weather (NOAA) – Official NOAA current conditions and forecast for Incline Village.

Lake Tahoe Live Cam – Only live during daylight hours.

NOAA Weather – NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency) Weather.

GOES West Visible Image – SFSU Meteorology Department Visible Image, from the California Regional Weather Server.

California (CalTrans) Road Conditions – Winter road conditions for California mountain roads and highways.

Magnifeye – Excellent local information including weather.

Nevada DOT Road Conditions – Winter road conditions for Nevada roads and highways.

QuikCast Weather – Arguably, even nicer than's weather.

Weather Pulse – A very nice, free weather display program.

West Coast Satellite Image –'s US West Coast satellite image – includes Hawaii.

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Last updated: Jun. 29, 2020 - 2130